Every day, talent is discovered, created, and developed. Once in a while, talent is born. Ladies and gentlemen, meet K Fresh.
Raised in an environment strong in both music and spirituality, his mother helped create a solid spiritual foundation by involving Kuddie in church, and his father, a jazz musician, introduced him to an all-encompassing love of music.

His passion for music grew at an early age, becoming a church drummer and playing in his high school band. Michael Jackson, Prince, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Fat Boys were simply a few influences that ignited a realization that music itself had bigger plans for him. Soon, he would find himself along for the ride to every musician’s dream: a career in music.

By age nineteen, Kuddie had moved forward and was well wrapped in Northwest Hip-Hop. Participating in and producing for several groups, including My Brother’s Keeper and 206 Family led him to the opportunity to develop the musical direction of Sons of the Ghetto, another Northwest group, as well as Contraban, a group formed with Choklate, two other local rappers, and Kuddie himself.

His influence and contribution to Northwest Hip-Hop quickly amplified, and his beats began surfacing in the work of artists such as Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, and The Parker Brothaz. In 2003, Kuddie became the hype man for The Parker Brothaz, and it wasn’t long before he found himself working alongside other Northwest talents such as J-Hen (Now known as Henny) and Dow Jones, who would one day form Tha Bizness Productions, a force in contemporary Hip-Hop with production credits for names such as Young Money Entertainment (“Every Girl”), Drake (“The Winner”), and other major players such as Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and more.
Music and destiny had stepped in again, as Kuddie found himself working alongside Tha Bizness and today he is based out of Atlanta, continuing to rise above challenges of the music industry and establishing himself as a valuable contributor and an innovative producer well beyond the Hip-Hop genre.
With three solo projects, “Music N Flight”, “Music N Lifestyle”, and most recently, “Music, Hate N Love”, Kuddie’s artistry stands out on its own. When collaborated with the talents of others, it’s nothing short of exquisite. An example of this collaboration is his contributions to J. Pinder’s “Code Red”. The track “Go Far” is an undeniable masterpiece.

Involvement in events such as the Red Bull Big Tune beat battles, the ever-growing number of artists seeking to work with him, and countless artists’ declarations of appreciation for his unique abilities to help artists develop and grow are just a few indicators of the massive presence of respect for Kuddie in the Hip-Hop community in the Northwest and far beyond.

Recent projects for respected forces in music such as T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Mistah F.A.B., combined with noteworthy production for Choklate, continued work with The Parker Brothaz, to Grammy® Nominated co-production credits for mainstream artists such as Chris Brown (“Take My Time”) demonstrate that Kuddie Fresh is not simply here to stay, but that he is only beginning to fulfill his destiny as an undeniable force in music.