3 Top Places To Sell Beats Online

Every producer has their way of selling beats, rather that be off or online. Now days it is no secret that online is a good place to get started. Every producer’s experience is going to be different for several reasons. This is a list I made of sites that work for ME and my process. This is not to say this is the best and only way to make money selling beats online.


Your Personal Website
This is number one for me because you control the content. Also, because it is your site you do not have to fight to be seen and heard. Your website is any and everything that you make it. The challenge is getting people to actually come to your site.

Beatstars has become one of the best places on the internet to not only discover beats but also connect artist with producers.

Soundcloud is another great place for people to discover your music. I do feel like it it somewhat losing it’s momentum lately but it is still useful.